Sunday, November 17, 2013

J.B Beverley Conquers Amazon On The Digital Download Charts

J.B. Beverley sticking at the No. 1 Spot for Hot New Releases on Amazon
2014 is going to be bring in a new level of game play to Rusty Knuckles Music. As many of the bands are starting to hit the charts normally only seen by the major labels, we have been gaining ground in a vast amount of areas. Proud to announce that we also just landed a new distribution partner through Universal for Australia, which also opens up Japan and other Asian markets for touring. Time for that big push across the Pacific Ocean. 

Waking up and checking the reports finds customers going to Amazon and Itunes in droves. Thanks to everyone for the continued support and its great to see J.B. Beverley and Possessed By Paul James and labels such as ours and Hillgrass Bluebilly hitting such a vast audience. This is what hard work is all about.

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