Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stevie Tombstone Lands On Itunes Country Charts

Stevie Tombstone is featured on Itunes Country New & Noteworthy for the week of 11.26.13

The era we live in now, akin to many in the past is full of hype, perceived relevance and one in which media outlets can be bought. Paying for a digital marketing campaign can help to quickly cast a wide shadow, but does it leave a lasting foot print?

Artists struggle in our new era of digital media, as they are continually thinking about the rules that were set into place from decades past. If you don't like how things are moving, just break the glass ceiling above your head and realize the only one standing in the way of broken glass, is you. 

This is a straight forward and no nonsense approach. But then again, anything worth having is worth working for. Laziness will get you nowhere and in the long haul the practice of self defeat is a worse haunt than any abandoned house or insane asylum could ever be. 

After listening and really absorbing the depth of the artistry within Stevie Tombstone's music, it is easy to witness his continual push of boundaries and limitations. Does he look outside of himself to conjure up new ideas? Surely, he does. What also sets him apart is critical thinking and forever examining his approach. 

Stevie is like many savvy individuals that will go the extra mile. There is reward in the long haul, but it just takes that much more of a commitment. 

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