Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Antiseen Is Here To Put The Voodoo On You

Antiseen Is Here To Put The Voodoo On You

Here they are kids, Jeff Clayton here and I have a few words just for you!!! The ANTiSEEN VOODOO DOLLS!!!! This is the top secret project I've had brewing for awhile. I was not alone in this project. The art work is by none other than the great Jamie Vayda, they were screen printed by my brother Greg Clayton Aardvark Screen printing In Raleigh, my vision for the packaging was brought to life by Phil Keller at Phil Keller Designs and they were painstakingly stuffed and sewn together by my beautiful gal Rebecca Coleman.
The ANTiSEEN VOODOO DOLLS come with complete packaging and the first batch have an "Official Prototype" numbered card. Each doll is around 9" tall. Right now we have around a dozen full sets. Be one of the first to own them! They will be on sale on the website in a week or so but you can order them now through PAY PAL via antiseenjc@yahoo.com. They are $25 each (price includes shipping in the USA. Add $10 shipping outside the USA) If you buy all four you can get them for $90 and that will include shipping in the USA. Overseas will determine shipping per order. If you order them individually please indicate which one you want in the PAY PAL message until we can get them up on the site. OI! Don't forget to include your address with the PAY PAL message!!!!

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BTW we are not responsible for all your hexes and misfortune!!!!

Antiseen is ready to do your voodoo bidding

Barry Hannibal Voodoo Doll

Joe Young Voodoo Doll

The Gooch Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll in packaging and ready for action

Barry Hannibal is ready for your magic
Baron Samedi is keeping a watchful eye out, shouldn't you?