Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bad Blood Productions New Site

Picture Janet Archer began her work as a promoter and independent booking agent in 2010, at first using her business Bang Salon in Greenville, South Carolina to host both local bands and artists touring the region. A series of Monday night shows began as “Bang Salon Presents.” When Bang Salon closed in 2011, Janet rebranded as Bad Blood Productions, with inspiration from the work of local artist Tim Speaker.

The musicians that have worked with Bad Blood Productions, especially on the tour circuit, boast a unique connection to Janet unlike other booking agents. Though a Northwest native, in hospitable southern fashion, she looks after the bands not only as musicians but as friends, offering a place to stay or a meal to eat for those passing through a town that might otherwise have not been a touring option.

Janet has, according to We Are The Upstate, brought some “much needed diversity” to the Greenville music scene by drawing from not only regional musicians but bands that call Missouri, New York, or even Germany home. With genres ranging from rockabilly to punk to roots, many in the music scene have hailed Janet as using her passion to benefit musicians and local listeners alike. Bad Blood Productions has enriched the immediate Greenville music scene as well as the larger circuit of the southeast region, particularly North Carolina and Tennessee.

Services provided by Bad Blood Productions:
Tour Booking (US); Available to tour with bands (Merchandise Sales; Tour Manager)

Link over all that is Bad Blood Productions