Friday, March 21, 2014

Rory Kelly, Album Process Cover Movie and Hidden Album Symbolism

In the paragraphs below I get deeper into the meaning and symbolism behind Rory Kelly's new album design. The symbols were drawn together as a way to spell out what exactly Kings Never Sleep can be interpreted as metaphorically. In this case, it's hidden knowledge and the ability to rise up. It is the equivalent of the viewer and or listener to stand on the edge of a high platform and jump into water below for a soothing swim. For many, the symbols are just art placed in an eloquent manner but then again, if you are reflecting on the music of Rory Kelly and his career path paired with his musical prowess, these symbols take on far more of a significant meaning.

Dive in and enjoy as the journey is the true destination.

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Anything that is worth having is worth working for. Whether it be saving up for your first new car, buying a home or wanting the sexy new Gretsch down at Guitar Center. Hard work and effort are the only way to achieve these goals along with one other element. That other element is the one for which it is free to obtain and is limitless in scope and can never be taken from you. Knowledge is the great conqueror, the great divider and ultimately the great saviour for anything you set out to achieve.

Conspiracy theorists thoroughly enjoy speaking on the illuminati and clandestine groups with the supposed aim to take over the world. Granted there are individuals that seek ultimate power, but human nature at it's core is forever seeking to be on top of the food chain and remain there. In my rationale this helps to make the struggle for power sensible while looking at it from a the viewpoint of trying to understand what is at the root of the issue, whether good or bad. Does it make it right or just, no so way in hell. But then again, we are just surveying the facts presented and its up to us to create our own judgement.

Rory Kelly album cover coming together

Hidden knowledge is where conversations get interesting and you can learn to decipher an individuals philosophy by the symbols around them. Everything we see and read daily is part of a larger scope of symbolism. Some of the iconography that was present hundreds of years ago, doesn't resonate today. Some of the images are persistent though, as the meaning has shifted within the lenses of how culture gazes upon it. When you see the fish on the back of a car as a bumper sticker or emblem, that individual is representing their Christian beliefs. So have you ever heard of a caduceus?

The hidden meaning within the intertwined snakes reflects a spiritual awakening, while also representing safe passage. In this rationale, thinking on the biblical story, was the snake tempting Eve with the apple of knowledge really malevolent? Remember that history is written by the conquerors so it is always in their favor to shine the best light on their cause. Snakes have been forever painted in a darker shade since then, but they remain a full time tenant in the realm of symbology. The way the story spells out to me is that life is simply about choice and you need to stand on your own two feet and be responsible for your actions. To think that women have been scorned for centuries due to this biblical story is to understand the power of symbolism. The same could be said for the swastika as it was around for thousands of years as a symbol of fertility. Read and interpret the full story as there are two sides to every coin.

Rory Kelly album cover art

The all seeing eye or the Eye of Providence is consistently seen as a symbol of the illuminati but actually represents the sun. The symbol is based upon Egyptian beliefs of viewing the sun for illumination and thusly where the the Illuminati's name is derived. The all seeing eye didn't get a triangular shape around it until the Renaissance period and was used as a Christian symbol representing the triune godhead. As time went on it was then adopted by the Masons as a symbol for the Great Architect. So if you want to really interpret Masonic lore, just ask. The hidden knowledge of all Masonic Rites is that you just have to ask and the gates will opened for those that seek out the knowledge. Thusly, the first step in becoming a Mason is you ask a member to join and you are invited to join as an Entered Apprentice.

Now lets get back to why the there is a triangle in the background. First of all, its not just a triangle but an Alchemical Fire or "Blade". This hidden symbol is based upon the fire within. For the album cover it is a reflection on Rory Kelly and the music he, Pops and Billy invoke. The upward lift of the Alchemical Fire symbolizes the rising energy that helps to bring us to the divine. Can music do this? Damn right it can. Just watch listeners get lost in a trance at shows. This is how powerful of a potion that a musical trance can have on its listeners.

So how does all this relate to the title "Kings Never Sleep"? That is the ultimate hidden symbol and within any individual to seek out. Anyone can be a king as its just a metaphor. As an individual walking the path of enlightenment and continually seeking out wisdom, you are becoming wiser and bolder in your approach. The light of knowledge never goes out or falls asleep as it is omnipresent. It may dim from time to time, but it is and will forever be at your fingertips.

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Garvey