Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bob Lefsetz Words Of Wisdom, From House Of Cards

Kevin Spacey is quite the character on House Of Cards

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"1. You Need A Partner

There's a reason why spouses get fifty percent in community property states, because you don't make that money alone, you depend on the counsel and soothing of your significant other. Furthermore, the inability to force one spouse to testify against the other in court speaks to the bond between the two.

In other words, there's a reason why the most powerful people are in relationships. It takes two. Someone you can trust, someone who's got your back, someone who will not scorn or question you but defend and understand you, and nudge you in the right direction if necessary.

We all need a sounding board. But we're all fearful that information can be used against us.

Your sounding board is at home.

Choose well.

Find someone who shares your hopes, dreams and desires. Someone who won't divorce you when the going gets rough. Someone who's willing to get down in the trenches and fight not for what's right, but you.

2. You Can't Worry What People Say About You

If you want to be liked, join a social club. But business, like politics, is for winners, not joiners. You're gonna make enemies. If for no reason other than some will become envious. You need a thick skin to play hardball. And the ability to ignore those without power who abhor you, and sidle up to those with power who hate you. Ever notice that everybody at the top of business knows each other? All the tech titans, all the record industry giants? It's because they rely on these relationships to get them what they want, and know it's only these people who can prevent them from reaching their goals.

3. Don't Be A Wimp

If you're not willing to stand up and give back, stay out of the arena. A powerful person runs right over sycophants, he or she only respects someone who stands their ground and pushes back when necessary. This is the signal you're a real player. Once again, it's not about being liked, those at the top are not concerned with this, rather it's about showing that you understand power and are willing to use it.

4. Know The Game

We're learning until we die. Every day you learn what you did not know before. If you're not willing to re-evaluate your choices and positions, you're going to find yourself left behind. With age and experience comes wisdom. If you think you know everything, you've got blind spots. And there's always something we don't know. Cultivate those with expertise outside your primary focus. Because you're going to call on them at some point in the future, you just don't know when. And choose enemies wisely. Having said that, power players respect other power players who are willing to burn bridges. Because although it's the primary move of the amateur, it's the ace in the hand of the professional. If someone is willing to cut you off, that means their agenda doesn't square with yours, and they might be trouble in the future.

5. Align Yourself With Winners

Few understand this. They're so busy worrying about who's nice and friendly, who they can trust, that they don't realize very few people control the back line of pieces on a chessboard. The pawns are up front, ready to be taken at will. But the King is protected, and the Queen has the ability to move in ways no other piece possesses, speaking to point number one above.

If you want to go all the way, you've got to play with the number one player, the survivor, the person who knows where all the bodies are buried.

6. Learn How To Say Yes

Anybody can say no. It takes you out of the game. But saying yes... Too many are afraid. Of the unknown. Of the consequences. But if a power player gives you your chance and you waffle or say no, you're passed over, forgotten. You're a pawn in the power player's game. Feel good that you've been chosen. If you believe you're being sacrificed, you aligned yourself with the wrong people. You're a soldier, pledging fealty. An underling who argues with a power player frequently finds himself in a cul-de-sac, his career stalled.

7. Success Is A Power Game

Can you get your e-mail returned? How fast?

That's the demonstration of your power, your reach. Sure, money helps. But power players rip off the rich on a regular basis. Because having cash does not mean you know how to play the game. True power is the ability to get your vision exercised. And this can only be done if you understand the game and what reactions will be, who you can trust and who you cannot.

8. Eat Or Be Eaten

You might not want to make it to the top, but that guy sitting next to you...he might feel otherwise, he might be hungry to move up the ladder. So be suspicious. Be on the lookout for agendas. It's show BUSINESS, not show FRIENDS!"