Monday, January 19, 2015

Easton LaChappelle, Is A Teenager With Wisdom And Vision Beyond His Years

Easton LaChappelle, a teenager with wisdom and vision beyond his years
Reading and viewing articles about interesting individuals is something that propels every day forward for us here at Rusty Knuckles. If you are a casual reader of our blog and or news feed, surely you have noticed the breadth of articles that we post. If you are just noticing our site for the first time due to seeking out great music, new products or just a random Google query, we thank you for checking us out. 

After stumbling upon the article about Easton LaChappelle, the first thing that came to mind was being a young kid and stumbling into a life long love affair with puzzles. They could be the wooden three dimensional puzzles, or maybe even an Erector set (this toy lit the fire for all things mechanical for yours truly) or best yet, those plastic building blocks of life, Legos. It really doesn't matter what toy or object it is, as long as it creates that spark to design, construct and build anew in order to keep the brain constantly stimulated.

Watching a great mind such as the one exhibited here by Easton LaChappelle, reinvigorates all that I believe is great within humanity. The ability to create from scratch and to be able to help those around you. Too many folks are cradled with the disease of laziness and if a few more Easton's can come along, maybe there is a true fighting chance to change the world as we know it.

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"Even ten years ago, you wouldn’t have heard much about 19-year-old Easton LaChappelle. Not because his work isn’t exciting: He’s already working for NASA. No matter what angle you view him from, LaChappelle is already changing the world for the better.

It’s because there’s been a fundamental shift in how we see technology. Science and engineering are no longer just industries. Technology is something we’re passionate about, whether we’re arguing over the iPhone or eagerly anticipating the next technology that will change everything. Just like every song has a story, the technology we most care about has a deeply personal journey behind it, from Steve Jobs’ decades-long obsession with changing how we use computers to Sergey Brin and Larry Page turning a fascination with the mathematics that underlie how we use the Internet into Google. Just like we care as much about the singer as we do the song, we care about the engineer behind the world-changing idea.

In Luminaries, the first original series from Uproxx, we find some of the most fascinating people in science and technology, and tell you not just what they’re making and how it’s revolutionary, but the creative process and the inspiration behind it. For example, Easton’s prosthetic arm came about because he met a little girl using a limb that cost $80,000. That struck him as far too much.

So Easton taught himself robotics and combined open source designs with 3D printing to create a completely functional prosthetic arm. Even as Easton refines his designs, he’s using new and more powerful tools such as the HP Sprout to post his designs online for anyone to refine, repurpose, and use. He’s not just creating one thing, he’s giving everyone the ability to be their own engineer, to take what was once an involved, arcane process and make it one anyone can do. As tools such as the HP Sprout continue to proliferate, making 3D modeling and object scanning as simple as placing the object under a camera, we’ll continue to find new luminaries, and seeing how they redefine the world."