Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great Handmade Items Found On Etsy

The Dreaming Gypsy, handmade by Contrive to Charm on Etsy
Not a day goes by that we don't log into Etsy, check our sales and or cruise around to see the great work crafted by makers all over the world. It could be custom leather work, armor to be used for live action role playing or even custom knives. The amount of talent within the Etsy marketplace is daunting and equally exciting. Go check out some of the makers on the site and have a glimpse from some of the great items, we recently found.

Custom Tooled purse by Contrived to Charm
Fantasy armor from Marco Steel

Steampunk armor from SkinzNHydez
Handmade Damascus steel knives from DCIllusion
Electric Lamp from Steampunk Workshop
Vintage Simpson TV / FM Signal Generator from Randomoniumm