Thursday, January 8, 2015

Steve Albini Is Unmatched In His Sonic Vision, Listen To His Keynote Speech And Understand Why

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Throughout his career within music, Steve Albini has pushed boundaries. His resume is deep with punk and rock albums that adhere to his sonic mindset from a recording aspect. But if you really want to understand the vibe that he creates sonically, it can only be listened to live. The sound, the textures and without a doubt, the absolute tone, that his handcrafted and personalized music gears resonates with on stage is unmatched.
Another aspect to Steve Albini though are his thoughts about music in the marketplace. As a true artist he wants to control where his music can be seen or heard, but in a much bigger aspect, about how he has the right to control how it consumed. Have a listen to his keynote speech below and have some insight into one of the most prolific minds within the DIY punk rock community.