Friday, January 2, 2015

Hazan Motorworks Walks The Line Of Beauty And Ridability With This Old Ironhead

Hazan Motorworks Walks The Line Of Beauty And Ridability

Reading through many blogs on music, art, design and of course motorcycles, there is a never ending parade of thoughts about how to walk a straight line. And to what exactly that proverbial straight line is vastly depends on what sub genre or niche is being spoken about. Unspoken rules are the norm and it takes a scholar to navigate through all the landmines, but then again if you are into the subject, you are generally a lifer within these niches.

Punk rock and hardcore is one of our mainstays and has been since late 80's as a young teenager. This genre seems to attract more diatribe than any other we have ever encountered because it is chock full of idealists and individuals whom are all relatively intelligent and the music is pure emotion spanning all subject matters. Sure, there may be fists flying and bodies moving in a form of break dance fighting that Zoolander would be baffled by, but it's fueled by passionate individuals whom challenge whats considered the norm.

What gets interesting though relating to thoughts about punk rock ideals on a bike build such as this one by Hazan Motorworks, is the fact that it is clearly a motorcycle and walks the tight rope of beauty and ridability. The same mindset of form and function that envelops punk rock is also a similar vibe within the motorcycle community. Every motorcycle becomes an extension of the rider through the physical riding stance and the way a rider adorns their machine. When looking at a few sites such as BikeExif the bike builds tend to get torn apart by readers and verbal assaults are the norm. Purists want a motorcycle too look great and seem ready for all types of riding. Artisans want to build a rolling sculpture that looks as good sitting in the garage as it does glistening down the highway. 

Hazan does one hell of a job of landing square in the middle and I can bet that with just a backpack with some basic tools and maybe some oil, a weekend 500 mile run is easily doable and heads will turn at every corner. Builds such as this one are a great reminder that individual creativity should be honed and perfected over time. Anyone can go buy pair of Red Wing boots, grow a beard and ride an old bike. Creating a new vision from scratch is the punkest thing one can do and is pure DIY through and through.

Is it an art deco barn find or a machine built from a singular vision?

The raw metal details speak volumes on the craftsmanship

Clean lines and ready for the wind

Harley never could imagine a futuristic build as this for an Ironhead

Desktop lathe and the remnants of aluminum shavings