Thursday, September 10, 2015

Does Your Vinyl Record Collection Need Better Organization? Check Out Kate Koeppel Design For Your Solution

Vinyl Record sections by Kate Koeppel Design
Organization is the key element to anything in life with a bit of complexity. If you collect vinyl records surely you have a complex way of organizing them either based on general, alphabetical and then maybe even a favorites section or rarities. Luckily for all of us that enjoy a keen sense of placement in regards to our record collection, a lady by the name of Kate Koeppel has created a clean and precise system of dividers to make life a bit easier for locating that perfect record to put under the needle. Check out Kate Koeppel Designs

Vinyl record dividers by alphabet sections 
"In 2013 Kate set out to find a beautiful solution to organize and display her growing vinyl collection. After a lengthy search, she discovered only a few products existed—nearly all of them plastic, ugly, poorly made, or a combination of the three.
As a collector, Kate knows the pleasure of listening to music on vinyl is as much about the analog ritual as it is about the sound quality, art, and experience. Listening to vinyl is a conscious break in the regular, busy pattern of our lives. Our collections are part of our homes, and the practice of playing vinyl is part of our daily routines. Kate knew there had to be a better way to make her collection—and yours—more accessible without sacrificing style. Kate Koeppel Design set out to build a better organizational solution that would be useful, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.
After months of prototyping and exhaustive material testing, we launched the first collection of laser-cut wood record dividers for organizing and alphabetizing media. The collection has grown to include organizational products for vinyl, books, and other media collections, organized by subject or by alphabet with over 100 panel options to choose from. All of our products and packaging are made exclusively in California, with the support of California-based small businesses, suppliers, and craftswomen."

Vinyl record organizers by genre

Vinyl Record sections by Kate Koeppel Design

Vinyl Record sections by Kate Koeppel Design