Monday, September 14, 2015

Whiskeydick Continues To Conquer While On Tour In Europe

Whiskeydick Continues To Conquer While On Tour In Europe
Keeping up with the fellas in Whiskeydick can be quite the task as they live on the road. They are currently on their second two month tour of Europe for 2015 and there is no end in sight for their travel plans, around their newest album, The Bastard Sons Of Texas.

Their latest album also continues it's domination on Itune's for seven weeks straight now and sat at the number one download spot for multiple weeks for the Alt. Country charts. Dig in, settle down and let the good time roll, with the Bastard Sons Of Texas. Check out some travel photos below and click the link to purchase their new album.

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Party City - Zurich

Fritz and Reverend Johnson on the streets of Spain

Whiskeydick European tour dates

European ladies love the Texans

When on tour in France, ya gotta keep it on point

Whiskeydick has fans far and wide and every show is about making new fans the old fashioned way

While in Europe, check out the Dick store

Beautiful scenery in Switzerland

Street party and sidewalk show, no problem for Whiskeydick

European tour van = Jalapeno

Beautiful Spanish architecture