Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Watch The Newest Video From Dead Soldiers, Entitled Wicked River

As a music label, merch production company and diehard music fan there are many reasons for us to be at Muddy Roots Music Festival. From the welcoming atmosphere and positive vibe, to the vast array of friends that we have made directly from the festival itself. But ultimately the reason we go, is that being a part of a great music scene requires much more than just enjoying the tunes. It is about the individual people you meet, the camaraderie, the late night conversations that seem to linger on for a few years and the proof in the puddin' of a notion is that to have a real music scene, you have to be a part of it. Who cares if your band is not playing, go be a part of something bigger than any individual and contribute to a scene that only requires you to show up and have a good time. Stop by the booth and have a beer or twenty with us!

Muddy Roots 2015 Event Lineup