Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Freedom Road Updates - Motorcycle Run And Band Showcase Will Take Place In Philadelphia on September 26th.

Freedom Road Motorcycle Run And Band Showcase Will Take Place In Philadelphia on September 26th.
So you are here because you want more info on what exactly is Freedom Road? Well dear friends, this is an action packed weekend on September 26th that has two adventures or they can be combined into one. For all the two wheeled brethren in the Mid Atlantic, Freedom Road is a bike run from Ocean View in the Norfolk, Virginia area to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that will cut straight up highway 13 through the eastern shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. The bike run is 300 miles of highway, back country roads and coastal riding that will leave a smile for miles. 

Freedom Road is set for September 26th! Yes, traffic will be heavy around central Philadelphia, but nothing else effects the event. The Compound, where shenanigans will be going off, is well out of the Pope zone in the downtown Philly area. But do plan your routes and travel times in advance. So go early and come for the rowdiness. For area travel, just check out 6abc.com for all the streets that will be closed down. Interstate 95 will be thick, but the exits will be open that will drop ya right off at the compound or plan to flank the area from local streets. Either way, we are bringin' one hell of a night to Philadelphia! 

Traffic shut down areas in Philadelphia

Traffic info for Philadelphia for September 26th on 6abc.com

For Those On The Bike Run

For those on the bike run, we are planning on meeting up at the Wawa on 5701 Northampton Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday September 26th around 8.30 am. Kickstands are up at 9 am and we are heading north. Get some coffee, grab a breakfast sandwich and do any last minute fixes to your ride. Do yourself a favor and don't forget to have some cash ready for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel as it will be $13.

Check out the Freedom Road portion of the bike run on Google Maps 

Quite a few of our two wheeled brethren are also heading into the Ocean View area of Norfolk on Friday, September 25th. We are planning on linking up at Mojo Bones - 9659 1st View St, Norfolk, VA 23503 or MojoBones.com for dinner, drinks and shit talkin'. So if you are rolling into town to leave in the am with us, find us there and many of us are getting a room in the local area or just hit me up at ralph.knuckles at gmail for latest info.

Bands Playing Freedom Road