Thursday, August 25, 2016

7 Tips to Perfect Sounding Vinyl Records: Handling, Cleaning, Playing

A lot of people are pulling out their old turntables and records, and many people are buying their first LPs. What a lot of people don't know, however, is how to get excellent sound out of the equipment you already have. Sure, there are turntables that are far superior to others, but record handling, cleaning, and playing have just as much (if not more) importance than your equipment. In this video I show you how to read your set up of pops and clicks that vinyl record LPs are often hindered by.

Electron Microscope video from Applied Science -

Record storage options:
Pricier (woodier) option -
Cheaper (cardboardier) option -
IKEA Drona ($6) is a ripoff on Amazon - Go to store

Inner Sleeves:
MFSL Master sleeves -
Diskeeper Audiophile sleeves -
Outer sleeves (protect cover art) -

Record brushes:
Cheap brush (I like it best) -
Pricier brush (overrated) -

Stylus tools:
Stylus brush -
ONZOW Zerodust (worth the $) -

Static tools:
Zerostat (if you can stomach price) -

Wet cleaning:
Spin Clean (cheap but I hated it) -
GEM Dandy (ripoff PVC but works best) -
Okki Nokki RCM (it's just alright) -
VPI 16.5 is good, but pricey