Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amazing Welder - Brown Dog Welding

I don't know about yall but some things in life, you just kick yourself about. "Why can't I be better at this, why can't I do that" yadda yadda, the shit that we muster up in our sub conscious. Well I tell ya what, here is a challenge, find me a better welder and or fabricator than Josh over at Brown Dog Welding. Think of this as a forum, if you are a welder and or a fabricator send over your work to show the crowd what ya bring to the table. I know there are a lot of folks that can lay down a bitchin' line of weld puddles, but we want to see them. This goes out to Brown Dog Welding for being such a great link on Flickr and for making welding look so damn easy. Dude you flat out rule with a tungsten rod and inert gas and probably most every other welding technique available? What about gas welding though?

Brown Dog Welding on Flickr

Brown Dog Welding dot com