Monday, November 29, 2010

The Road - A Book By Touring Musicians

Leave it up to the fellas in Antiseen and numerous other bands to come forth with buck wild stories from the road. For those of ya that don't get to see a lot of truck stops, graffiti ridden bathrooms and backstage antics this collection will surely be a bona fide good read. Kind of reminds me of the time that a certain hooker was trying to get into a sold out show and her name wasn't on the guest list, yet she provided me with a personal check from her most recent fling and that name was on the guest list. Surely more tales like this will be in the book.

From The Author
"Life on the road can be a real bummer sometimes. Hear from some of Rock's most travelled musicians in this rowdy collection of real accounts of life on the Rock & Roll trail. From flat tires to flaming Margueritas, this first ever anthology of behind the scenes stories from bands around the world gives new meaning to the phrase, the show must go on..."

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