Friday, November 12, 2010

Cafe Racer - Oct/Nov 2010 - Dime City Cycles

It's always nice while at the newsstand to get a pleasant surprise when seeing folks ya know. After diggin through several different racks I ventured over to the bike section and spotted a new issue of Cafe Racer with a mention of Dime City Cycles on the cover. I didn't even open it up and just grabbed it along with the latest issue of Decibel and headed for the counter. Really stoked to see the fellas over at Dime City getting solid coverage for their work and for the great site they have online in which you can buy an endless array of cafe styled parts. Maybe one day soon they will offer up some custom Buell parts, akin to what Banke Performance has to offer. Hint Hint fellas.. haha!

Dime City Cycles dot com