Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Behind The Barbed Wire

Hey Y'all. Hope ya had a great Halloween! We sure did. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. Well....back to the blog and this time I'll be discussing one of my FAVORITE subjects....ME!

A few years back some good friends of mine Larry Kaye & Leslie Goldman from Philadelphia gave me a phone call saying "man, we bought this book at a flea market about old time American circus' and there is a guy in this book that looks just like YOU!". I've been told I look like everything from Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies, Cactus Jack, a fat Ted Nugent, Bruiser Brody, to one guy stopping me at a record convention and ask if I was indeed Roy Wood of Wizard (and early ELO fame) so when I heard this I thought "Oh, OK, another picture of a guy with longhair and a beard".....Well, they eventually put the book into my hands and I was SHOCKED at what I saw inside. The book is from 1957 and is called A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN CIRCUS. on page 125 at the bottom is a picture of two circus dwarfs and the male looks like someone took a photo of me and photo shopped MY head on the dwarfs body!!!! I kid you not. My own Mother swears that it's me, but I swear to you it can't be. this picture was taken around the turn of the century.

The original of this photo is in a circus collection in San Antonio, TX. that's all i know about the photo. I figure I have GOT to be related to this guy somehow, someway.
Here is a close up comparison. I tried to find a picture of me NOT bloody or making some kind of stupid...uh, I mean COOL rock 'n' roll face....that was tough.

I felt obligated to include this picture as the intro page to our book DESTRUCTO MAXIMUS available from

OK, now it's PLUG time!! Be sure to check the Rusty Knuckles page for some new designs like the PRIMAL ROAR t-shirt. Man oh man Rusty Ralph has out done himself on this one!!! Also...with Christmas just around the corner think of that special friend (or enemy) that might want a super nice GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN picture disc LP!!!!!!!

OK if you are up in the Delaware or Mass. are in the middle of November be sure to catch our two shows up there on Nov. 19th & 20th. It's been quite a while since we've been that far North and we are looking forward to seeing lots of old pals and fans in those areas.

Til next time,