Friday, November 12, 2010

Where It All Started

Knowing that veterans day has come and passed, it's no reason to just forget about those who have served bravely for our country. With a family that has been a part of the fabric of the United States since its inception, I am proud to call myself American. When our family came to this soil in the early 1640's, to the days we live in now, our family has seen all this country has been through and battled through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the great wars of the 1900's. Through it all, this nation is our home and the embodiment of freedom to which every individual has the right to live, on their own terms. Here is a shout out to all the veterans of our family that served to help create this great nation, in which we are proud to call home. I especially want to thank Chief and Uncle Billy, for serving in the Navy and bringing me into the world of motorcycles. Without your love of two wheels, where the hell would I be? Thanks fellas, for the Waters fighting spirit and the love of the open road.