Thursday, July 26, 2012

AJ Fosik's Monsters Mix Well With Mastodon

Have you ever heard the name of AJ Fosik? I sure as hell hadn't, as of this morning. The funny part is that that I already knew his work through one of his other projects. Finding tidbits such as this which pop up during a random commercial makes for an interesting day.

AJ Fosik's mask sculpture for Mastodon's album The Hunter
Now here is the thing that we know about AJ Fosik. Chances are you have seen his iconic cover created for Mastodon's album The Hunter. Visually it is stunning and once you see the process of his work, it gets even more interesting. His approach is three dimensional and uses a variety of material to make the work come to life.

Dive into more of his work through images from Flickr, videos from youtube, with Mastodon's Curl of the Burl while you check it out. Or you can also check out the Noteworthy Project put on by Samsung, as that is where I found one of the videos below about his work.

AJ Fosik's - The Third Way Out

AJ Fosik's - The Time & The Way

AJ Fosik mask sculpture