Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rory Kelly Tears Into Some Palmetto Moonshine

If you want to know about hard work and dedication, take some cues from Rory Kelly. Not only is he on the road constantly, but he, Pops and Billy are dialed in lock step, just like a an old rotary phone. Their sound is being heard world wide now due to an immense response in Europe in preparation for a tour in October through Teenage Head Music.

Here is press clipping from Germany's Rockblog.Bluespot

"Saloons, bikers, horses, Black Mountains, barbecue, cows, Stampede and stuff of that nature who is thus an impression on the Americans and their tumultuous personal rock 'n' roll circus between alternative Swamp rock, make Southern and heavy rock want is this from "Rusty Knuckles" operated perfectly edited music."

Yep, you can get the jist of what they are saying. Even though some might be lost in translation the music is what matters. Rory Kelly, Pops Kelly and Billy Miller are cutting a deep gouge into the map and carving out their territory. Do yourself a favor and get out to their shows pronto and say you were there from the start. Even better, get yer asses out to the Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse on July 28th at the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC and witness Rock N' Roll fury being dished out the way it should be.

Here are some photos from a recent Rory Kelly gig down at the Palmetto Moonshine headquarters take by Chris Newman

Cool bikes were on hand - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
Gorgeous Ladies and Moonshine, what's not to like - Jake Simp Photography © 2012
Pops Kelly holdin' down the beat - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
When did moonshine get all fancy? - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
Billy Miller and Rory Kelly - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
Rory Kelly's moment of zen - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
Why yes, I 'll have another - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
Billy Miller knows his way around a stage  - Chris Newman Photography © 2012
Billy Miller and Rory Kelly - Chris Newman Photography © 2012