Monday, July 9, 2012

Heavy Rebel 2012 Was A Damn Good Time

When we set up our booth at Heavy Rebel every year, it makes us damn proud to be able to talk on all the new projects, the great bands we work with and most of all to be able to hang with so many cool folks. This year was another scorcher of a good time. Whether it be wandering the streets checking out the rides, talking shop in our DIY booth lounge or just catching as many bands as we can, the good times are always at hand.

Huge shout out to Courtney, Dave and Mike for putting on such a great event and most of all to everyone that hung out in our booth or we shared drinks with. The list is long and strong, so to all of yall, cant wait for the next time around. Maybe next year we won't have to get keep getting kicked out of the hotel pool at 5am every morning either.

Some sttand out sets that we were able to catch: American Speedway, Peewee Moore, Cutthroat Shamrock, Southbound Turnaround, Dielectrics, Carolina Still and Kenneth Brian

Here are some photos taken by yours truly, Mopar Rob and various others by friends on Facebook

Peewee Moore killed it on Saturday Night
Need some leg?
89 Speed Shop Gasser style setup
Ford truck brown and low
Yamaha XS650 by Butchers Chop
Ace Speed Shop with tilt hood
The Wiggle Room had plenty of dancing ladies
Butcher Chop custom leather seat
Clean Shovelhead with Split Tanks
The mud wrestling cooled things off for many
Hot Rods and classic rides lined the street for blocks upon blocks
Carolina Still had a great set