Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America Isn't The Best Anymore...

We are a nation of immigrants, individuals and brash determination. When it comes to how we operate our daily existence, it is a DIY attitude through and through. What makes us one of the greatest nations on earth is our individual differences, but we forever remember when, why and how this country was founded

Forget about the arguments of political pundits seeking you to join one team or another. Stand up for what is right and what is good for we as a nation. Our two party system is flawed by the cult of personality and omnipresent greed. As individuals and citizens of this country, lets make it great again by being leaders in education, technology, business and most of all taking care of our own population in need of basic services. 

For as strong and proud we are as nation, poverty and ignorance still run rampant. To make America great again, lets start fixing local problems today.  

Below is an amazing speech given by Jeff Daniels from the show the Newsroom on HBO on why America Isn't The Best Anymore.