Monday, July 9, 2012

Halfpipes And Motorcycles, We Are Featured In Easy Rider Magazine

Consistently we are talking up the Big Mountain Run, put on by Cycle Source Magazine as one of our favorite runs. The location, the riders and the overall chemistry of the event make it truly great. The remote location most likely keeps the hordes from attending, but that is the charm. Rolling deep into the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee for a weekend of good times and motorcycle mayhem should be on any biker's agenda. Thanks to Rob for sending us a text on the article in August 2012 issue of Easy Rider in which there is a full feature article on the run and a photo of Sal and I are riding the metal halfpipe. Damn good times for sure.

August 2012 issue of Easy Rider with a feature article on the Big Mountain Run

Sal and Rusty Knuckles riding an 8 foot wide metal half pipe on motorcycles, git some!