Sunday, April 7, 2013

1950 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe Under The Knife

As spring has sprung, many folks are working their asses off to get the latest builds done and out to shows for the summer season. Mopar Rob is cranking away on his 1950 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe. This is a two owner car and one of the best aspects is that the other owner just so happened to be his grand father. Nothing better than keeping it in the family.

Mopar Rob cutting out the old firewall with the plasma torch
Cleaning up some excess metal that needs cutting with the grinding wheel
Cool assortment of taps and dies
Cleco pliers, clamps and caps
The Wrench N' Roll is for the hot rod crowd as well as motorcycles
Walker Turner wood and metal drill press
On and Off switch for a early 50's drill press
Engine Pressure gauge and a top tool box
Dodge firepower valve covers