Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome Split 7" Record with Jay Berndt and J.B. Beverley In The Works

Well, we might as well let the cat out of the bag about another one of the great releases that is coming out through Rusty Knuckles Music this summer. Read the below post from Jay Berndt's email blast:

"We're also working on a split 7" with our friends JB Beverley (The Bad Habits, The Murder Junkies) & Buck Thrailkill on Rusty Knuckles Records sometime in July 2013. We're teaming up again with my old friend, tattoo artist and "Sad Bastard Songs" cover artist, Scott Bramble of Mercury Tattoo. Since JB is from Virginia & we're from Rhode Island, and Scott does amazing Civil War paintings... We have some awesome cover art on deck for this. Here's some work in progress shots."

Is the south rising again or is a battlefield about to happen

Ulysses S. Grant being drawn up by Scott Bramble