Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skateboarding Is Life... Stay Rebel, Stay Sharp

There isn't a day that goes by, in which I don't think about riding a skateboard. Even though I don't get to ride everyday, my mind races back to great spots that I have ridden and I think on memorable times. Great sessions with friends or that personal 2 am mission, with me and slick curb at the ol' Food Lion grocery store, still make me feel absolutely alive.

Skating gives definition and meaning to everything that I have become. Without learning how to ollie a gap or dropping in on vert, could I have ever learned the confidence to work with a large client? I don't think it could have happened honestly. Without giving blood and adrenaline to further my skill set, most of what I know now would feel empty and false. A skateboard allowed my path to creative freedom. Traveling through the world on the only true four wheels that I know, I thank all those that I have met along the journey and those I will meet at the next jam. 

From Brazil, to a good buddy's photo imprint and lasting mindset... Stay Rebel Stay Sharp

Skateboarding is life... grinding in the pool at Raleigh's Harsh Creek park