Thursday, April 4, 2013

Be Sure To Choose Your Tattoo "Artist" Wisely

Without a doubt, tattoos are an art form. Here is the dilemma though, if you don't choose your tattoo "artist" wisely, you might end up regretting that decision for a long time to come. Have a look at a few notable and indelible marks of expression, courtesy of Loudwire.

Dave Grohl if ya didn't know was originally a Sunday paper comic strip character
Axl Rose doesn't need an angel and demon over his shoulder, he has a techno zombie and vikings to help make bad decisions
Is this your weird uncle that still lives out the 80's? Or maybe its actually Carl from Aquateen Hunger Force.
Original art by L.A. graffiti icon Mear One, but damn, Its still Limp Bizkit you have to live down.
Jesus is top of the food chain and should have counseled your "artist" about how to spell GWEN STEFANI
Did you know that Dime from Pantera was supposed to be a Squidbilly?
Can only guess that this was done high on PCP or Crack. Please don't let muppets tattoo you anymore.
News just in, Ozzy Osbourne has a flesh eating virus
Jonathan Davis of Korn after eating 34 pizzas straight along with a case of Red Bull