Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Blood, New Stories From The Road Less Traveled On Altco Music

Joshua Morningstar heads to New York to record his first single for Altco Recordings at World Class Subcat Studios.
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Altco Recordings welcomes singer songwriter Josh Morningstar this month as he enters the studio to record his first single. He has been on the road relentlessly for the last year or so working on new songs and making new fans the old school way by playing any and everywhere and winning over new folks every day. He will be recording at Subcat Studios in Syracuse, New York under the direction of Stevie Tombstone. The multi-million dollar facility was the location of Tombstone's last release Greenwood and will be a great change for the up and comer having all the advantages of a modern facility. The "Man from Maryland" hits the road immediately afterwards before resuming pre-production and more song sessions with Mr. Tombstone. More to come about Joshua real soon to be sure and be sure to check out the backstage video clip of Joshua at a recent show in Philly,PA at the Shore Road Tavern below.

Kerns visits with friend and bandmate John Bazz of the Blasters in Long Beach.

Kern Richard's has been enjoying some great reviews and spins in the U.S and Canadian markets since his release of "Anywhere but home". The "Ten More Miles" tour is already underway, his West Coast shows have been a whose who of grreat players and ringers both onstage and off. The East Coast leg of his tour begins ealry June and August finds him in the Midwest. Video production has begun for his next standalone single " She ain't heavy, shes my anchor" the track was produced by Tex and the Horseheads and form Gunclub  member Mike Martt. Be sure to catch Kern on the trail , you can get current tour dates via his website and check out his tune "Now that Im Gone" from our Soundcloud player below, you can even purchase the tune and put a tiger in his tank for the tour.