Friday, May 23, 2014

Rory Kelly - German Review, For "Kings Never Sleep"

Rory Kelly - Kings Never Sleep

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"Rory Kelly and his band were probably previously in North Carolina more like local patriots, via a few detours, the band is then advised on a few gigs in Europe and is now here in June have some performances. The matching band now also advertises her third album produced in-house Kings Never Sleep in our latitudes.

Kings Never Sleep comes with eleven songs, which are located at the Hard Rock, but Rory Kelly has this quite strongly perfumed with the scent of Southern Rock. "Molly Hatchet Light" it is probably true quite good, but this is meant more appreciative because disrespectfully.

In contrast to other acts of this genre the songs sound, despite all the roughness, but quite airy and are also easily accessible. Kelly's voice sounds like pure whiskey and thus fits well with the blue-based guitar riffs.

I like this"

Rory Kelly, review from Germany