Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rory Kelly Feature Review In Subterraneo Heavy From Spain

Rory Kelly - Kings Never Sleep

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"From North Carolina comes the new album RORY KELLY . We are talking about a self-taught musician who previously formed part of the formations and CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS, INTETHOD thrashers, sleaze rock group that came quickly to international success . With such a history behind him and after the dissolution of his previous band , in 2010 Kelly decides to form his own musical project , signing nothing more and nothing less than his father, Mike Kelly, with whom he has been playing since childhood . With his father on drums and a seasoned ear by previous experiences, his first band TRIPLE THREAT edited RORY KELLY Get Me Back To You. The swamp rock roll of this album put him in the crosshairs of the good American reviews and artist turned for two years throughout the Southeast U.S.

After Billy Miller recruited bassist veteran after passing through bands like Voodou or SUPER SPORT and became fixed component of the band. Consolidated a more stable and professional bassist input rate, the trio launches Do not Shake my family tree along a line that combines the best of country, roots rock and the blues. With this hodgepodge RORY KELLY is devoted to a group of strong influences with an easy and effective operation live .

After a period of rest and several tours, as well as in Latin Europe (including an extensive tour in 2012 for our country) finally at hand your new job : Kings never sleep .

What this album offers us ?. Well obviously , southern rock . But one southern rock with many nuances, as the album has been influenced by a very pleasant base in blues guitar riffs , some dirty distortion and of course leave the country that makes listening through the cd is a breeze . Nor should we forget some nuances which folk stand at times.

Overall the work could be another example of the innumerable Southern Southern roots rock groups but the truth is that Kings never sleep has a lot to offer the listener. No job is a simple piggy rock nor superfluous reaches typical yankee soundtrack movie set in Texas.

The album kicks out with " Lay to Waste " , a spectacular theme that introduces us to the 10 tracks that come after, with powerful riffs, dirty distortion. "Kings never sleep " is the song that gives name to the album and the fact is that no wonder that the issue surpasses its predecessor by offering a touch more country . Thereupon traveled to a western movie with "Black Widow" , a medium very enveloping while automatically conveys the image of a badass cowboy looking at over the wide-brimmed hat . "Walking Wounded " surprised by its power , and is an issue with certain influences trashers not leave behind the line so far has followed the disc. The vocals on this track are becoming more distorted and torn .

We continue with "Menace to society" , the blues is imposed with some catchy tunes and very powerful bridges . In "Would Listen" hear acoustic guitars that emulate the melodies of a banjo, a distorted voice and a more country air if possible. A catchy tune to the core. With " Stood your ground" seems the pace is relaxed with a quiet intro worthy of NICKELBACK Canadians , however Southerners meter cane again after the intro , making a really heartbreaking effect. He continues " Hittin the botton " closer to progressive rock to southern rock theme treble choirs with very successful afterlife and a powerful chorus. Perfect riffs , in my opinion, the best song on the album. " Look Away" gives us more of the same , only this time the bass is imposed with an exceptional rate. In " 16 Tons " we find more and more choirs eighties look with an air of classic heavy metal , plus a few more quick tap .

The climax of the album is "To Life " (yes, dead , no death, why that title is unknown to me ) , a degree in Castilian that brings an instrumental track with a funky bass and a more psychedelic battery that give the track a tarantinesco air. It has not seemed the most successful drive to end the issue , the above issue was proper , but the truth is that the instrumental sounds not bad despite being different from the rest of the album.

11 tracks lasting between two and four very agile and easy to listen minutes. The disk failure is that all subjects are similar to each other and something that can get a bit tiresome , but if the subjects of separate tracks you realize that the quality is undeniable. The mixtures are brilliant , is not surprising since we talk about an artist of international renown.

In short, precise work with a good sound that the listener will appreciate. The feeling never leaves Kings sleep is undoubtedly the " now going to repeat the themes that I have liked more to satiety ." A band that will continue where it is if it continues its line and will surely attract many lovers of the country to its direct . Hope to see you soon for our Iberian lands ."