Monday, May 5, 2014

Rory Kelly Featured In RockTimes From Germany

Rory Kelly - Kings Never Sleep

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"North Carolina is really not the center of the world of Southern Rock . Although uniquely situated ' under the Southern Cross ' , but few bands have become nationally known . The trio of Rory Kelly is getting ready to change that.

The first release, "Get Me Back To You" , as the EP Family Tree - dubbed ' swamp rock ' - ' states ' have been well received in the biker scene. For the third album to be discussed here, " Kings Never Sleep ", you can even complete a deal for Europe, Rory Kelly's Triple Threat earned a European tour that will lead the band in June to Germany.

The term ' Southern Rock' I would " Kings Never Sleep " subsume reluctant . Rather, the flow of the ' southern ' inspired hard rock, the mid-nineties in bands such as Pride & Glory or Raging Slab manifested itself - ie Blackfoot meets Motorhead ! Consequently Sounds Singer Rory Kelly as a hybrid of Gregory Strzempka ( Raging Slab ) and Damien Okun (Clovis ) . The guitarist and bandleader is complemented by his father Mike on drums and Billy Miller on bass, forming a feverishly active rhythm section on which the son of man can scrub his board formidable.

Rory Kelly's Triple Threat is expected for kind-hearted ' little soul ' rather the wrong brand to be. The 'd do better to stick to its Piña Colada - this band is what whiskey guzzler. Kelly's voice goes through a crispy fried steak as through soft butter - a Tofubratling has , however, impose as little to nothing.

In " Kings Never Sleep " Rory Kelly's Triple Threat uses the ' traditional ' power trio - rail , so: no antics , the disc sounds like absolutely recorded live. It should not be the slightest problem to get these songs 1:1 on stage. Full throttle should thereby be guaranteed promise ... at least the eleven compactly arranged pieces.

" Lay To Waste " burst with a steam hammer in " Kings Never Sleep " , as if there were no tomorrow. The title song rifft contrast, punchy , but with the handbrake on , mid-tempo . With a ballad (and what one! ) Is then slowed for the first ( and only) time . "Black Widow" is probably the most beautiful I 've heard in recent years - sultry like a mosquito- infested night at some bayou.

The other strong moments put Rory Kelly's Triple Threat whenever tough sawing riffs be relined with a ' stompy ' Groove - " Hittin The Bottom " and " Look Away " ( with cool walking bass background) are here prime examples. Also on the plus side are the only asset supported by a razor-sharp Dobro "Would not Listen" and the wonderfully melodic passages with hard and playing " Stood your ground " . To conclude with is " Hasta la Muerte " still fine dusty Southwestern feeling - as sprung from a spaghetti Western - offered ; also fits this trio as chalk and cheese.

Heavy like a 16- tonner brettert Rory Kelly's Triple Threat "Kings Never Sleep" therefore - everything is late on the trees is rolled mercilessly flat. Harter, southern- inspired skirt for bikers and bikers who have the ass in the pants and the heart in the right place. Only the short playing time a little disappointed . Nevertheless, you should not afford to miss the tour dates !"

Rory Kelly featured in RockTimes - Germany