Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rory Kelly Feature Review In Via Nocturna, From Portugal

Rory Kelly - Kings Never Sleep

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"Honestly we had not found anything interesting in the previous substantially disc Rory Kelly, ( Do not Shake My) My Family Tree . However, with this new proposal trio originating from the mountains of North Carolina, Kings Never Sleep , changed our opinion . This is indeed a good disco boogie southern and bluesy hard rock . With the curiosity of the drummer of the trio's own father be ... Rory Kelly and have some experience in more extreme sounds as was the case thrashers infamous Old Bridge Militia , Kings Never Sleep brings eleven new themes a bit less revolutionary but equally damning . Adults will be the correct term ? Clearly . But while sweating to bars and clubs Misty . But Rory Kelly also demonstrates ability to reinvent itself . So there is an acoustic blues and something experimental ( Black Widow) , a rural country blues to smell , also acoustic ( Would not Listen) and even an instrumental spectacular with Mexican flavor ( Hasta La Muerta ) . The rest is very rock'n'roll , very southern feel with some great musical moments as Menace To Society , Look Away or 16 Tons . Now we're convinced !"

Rory Kelly review in Via Nocturna from Portugal