Thursday, January 5, 2012

1960 Harley Davidson FLH Panhead Chopper For Sale

Lookin' for a new ride and don't feel like building it, here is your new steed up on ebay.

1960 FLH Panhead For Sale
Clean Panhead motor with Chopper Dave air cleaner

Up for sale is a 1960 FLH Panhead. The Bike has recently been built and is still in its break in period. Below is a break down of all parts used and fabricated. I will not be accepting any trades.  The buyer will assume all shipping responsibilities. For any questions please contact me at 928 246 1665 Jimmy

Frame- Chassis Design Company - Wishbone w/polished stainless steel axle plates( internal wiring )
Gas Tank- Keino Cycles/ Chassis Design Company ( Polished stainless steel trim, Valvec gas cap )
Rear fender- Chassis Design Company ( Polished stainless steel trim )
Paint- Norton's Customs/Pete Finland (hot dog) Black with gold leaf lettering/pin striping/scroll work
Oil Tank- Chassis Design Company
Oil/Gas Lines- Braided Steel/Polished Steel tubing w/ Brass end caps
Front End- Chassis Design Company narrow triple trees/ Sporty shave legs
Headlight- Headwinds Tomahawk w/Brass trim ring
Handlebars- Chassis Design Company narrow Z bars
Risers- Misumi Brass
Throttle Assembly- Magura / Barnett braided steel throttle cable
Handle Grips- Paul Cox Industries Leather
Seat- Paul Cox Industries Leather
Wheels- Said to have been off the Indian Larry "love zombie" bike form the seller I bought them from. Rear 18x5.5 ( Polished sprocket and rotor )  Fromt 21x2.5 (spool hub)
Tires- Metzeler
Brake- Chrome Performance Machine
Rear Master Cylinder- Polished JayBrake 3/4
Forward Controls- Jeff Delisle one off customs
Tail light- Paul Cox Industries
Oil Filter/ License Plate Mount- Indian Larry
Engine- 1960 FLH 74" Panhead rebulit by Accurate Engineering. Matching cases powder coated gloss black, Gloss Black powder coated cylinders, Polished heads, Polished Chopper Daves air cleaner, Polished Jims lifter blocks, Jims push rods, Polished stainless rocker boxes, Chrome cam cover, Polished Morris G5 Magneto w/clear cap, Polished S&S E carb with Keino Cycles Tweeky kit, Polished motor sprocket, Polished Sprocket shaft cover, Polished sprocket nut. Runs like a champ!!!
Transmission- 60's something 4 speed case that has had the "dog ears" outter bearing supports removed professionally during its rebuild at Accurate Engineering .Gloss Black powder coated case,Chrome ratchet top and Polished Kicker cover, Brass Acme choppers Kicker pedal. I also have all the parts you need to convert is to jockey shift. They have been chromed and fabricated to exact lengths .
Primary/Clutch- Tech Cycles/Paul Cox Industries Polished chain drive Kit w/Polished Cyclone drop in clutch
Exhaust- Chassis Design Company with short baffles installed.... but still sounds great!!!

Right side profile on 1960 FLH Panhead custom
Open Primary by Tech Cycles
Left side profile on 1960 FLH Panhead custom
Overhead view on 1960 FLH  Panhead Custom