Saturday, January 14, 2012

Antiseen News And Releases for 2012

There will be some major Antiseen news underway this year in the Rusty Knuckles camp. Below is directly from Jeff Clayton and the fellas about new projects they have cookin'. Being the competitive folks we are, of course the ante will be upped just ever so slightly and the details will be coming out very shortly. But what is life without a teaser... Whooo!
Nature Boy Ric Flair

2012 looks to be very busy for me and the boys. Besides our return to Europe in May we have a tons of new & reissues coming out at the first of the year. Here is what's scheduled so far.

1. Expanded reissue of BADWILL AMBASSADORS on vinyl w/ download card on Green Mist Records

2. Split 7" w/ FLAT TIRES on Rusty Knuckles w/ silk screened cover and download card pressed on white vinyl

3.LIVE IN AUSTIN, TEXAS lp on Digital Warfare Records

4. NEW BLOOD - singles 2008 -2011 compilation on 12" vinyl & CD from Switchlight Records in Sweden (features all new tracks)

5. GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN - Violence Now b/w Cock On The Loose 7" reissue for Record Store Day from Green Mist Records

6.Vault Of Antiseen Series - BLOOD OF FREAKS : Singles from 1988 -1991 12" LP w/ download card from TKO Records

7. Split singles with NUNSLAUGHTER, POWERBALL & MALCOLM TENT just to name a few.

8. Long awaited NEW full length album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus lots of other crap I shouldn't let out right now.

ALSO : MUDDY ROOTS 2012!!!!!

Thanks for giving a shite!!!!!
  - Jeff Clayton