Monday, January 30, 2012

Screen Printing The Ramones Tribute Record Packaging

When it comes to understanding the process of how things work, that is something we can nerd out on all day long. Whether it be an engine running, watching a mill shape metal into a new part to be used or simply hanging out at our local print shop and watching Aardvark Printing do their magic. We can't thank them enough for their continual hard work on all of projects and their lightning fast turnaround. Some items sell out instantly and Greg and Mark keep us restocked within days, thanks fellas!

The photos below are from some recent projects being completed. Do yourself a favor, if you need some of the best screen printing done we have two shops that are beyond top notch. Out in Asheville, Matt over at BluBus Printing is a mad scientist on making new setups and can print anything. Here in Raleigh, Greg over at Aardvark is the go to man for all that is music industry for printing. If ya didn't already know, he is also the former drummer of Antiseen. Both are top notch and the only folks we work with for screen printing due to their quality work and competitive pricing.

White ink separation for the Ramones Tribute 7" vinyl - Hail To The Chief
Green Lady Killers Poison Skull tshirt graphic ready to be burned to screen
Underside view of the white ink screen for the 7" vinyl with Antiseen & Flat Tires
Cleaning the black print screen after covers are completed
The ink well
Hellbound Glory Rooster Tshirt design separations ready to burn to screen
Antiseen & Flat Tires 7" album, Hail To The Chief, custom screenprint poster, insert and vinyl