Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mondo Film Posters - Reimagining Classic Film

There is just something about classic movies that continue to make us want to view them over and over and over. Is it the plot lines, the depth the characters plunge into our psyche or is just damn good cinematography? If we had to pick one choice of that bunch, we would have to go with character depth, but then again, without a solid plot line the characters could be as flat as pancakes. 

Mondo prints classic movie posters re-envisioned by a plethora of designers, illustrators and mad thinkers. Their approach is DIY and the way in which the posters are printed in small editions makes them even better. We have missed out on quite a few gems that we would dig for our walls such as the ones below. Dig into their archives and blog and see what Mondo is all about.

Werewolves On Wheels by Phantom City Creative
Assault On Precinct 13 by Tyler Stout

Down By Law, featuring Tom Waits by Rich Kelly
Star Wars, Return Of The Jedi, by Olly Moss
Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, by Tyler Stout
Dirty Harry, by Olly Moss
The Warriors, by Tyler Stout
Rock N' Roll High School, by Print Mafia
Hellride (variant) by Tyler Stout