Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Musicians Used Facebook in 2011

Some of yall may have noticed on a few of the band pages on Facebook a particular looking music player on the landing. You know, the one with the cool graphics and enables you to play the music and buy it or also pass it along. Well, that player is called RootMusic and we currently use it on a few of the pages we help to maintain. Not only is it a superior choice over ReverbNation but you can customize the graphics and the features are far more vast. 

To really get the app working the best way, also build out a SoundCloud page for your music to be delivered from. With these two apps working together you can direct your music to the masses far easier and let the end user also listen and share or even better yet, repost into their blogs. Dig more into the article below to find out how other bands are using RootMusic to their advantage.

Rusty Knuckles Facebook page using the RootMusic Player

At RootMusic we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can give the most value to musicians through providing tools, guidance, support, and today we want to give you information. We’ve been tracking the Top 250 Musicians on Facebook, looking at best practices and strategies to be successful on the Platform. In most cases, these are musicians that have teams of people working with them and making their Facebook presence really effective, so we’d like to share with you what they’re doing that has worked for them over the past year.

Imagine handing out fliers to 10,000 people every day, starting a conversation with each person, letting each one listen to a few of your songs, and telling them about your upcoming show. With Facebook, you can have the same effect with just a few clicks of the mouse. We’ve put together this Infographic to provide a picture of what the most popular artists are doing with Music on Facebook.

Click on the image below to see the hi-res version, and read after the image to see some additional info and takeaways:

RootMusic has a phenomenal music app, see who is using it

The important points to takeaway from this is that there is a huge active audience of music fans on Facebook, and a large part of your success comes down to how to properly engage those fans. Even just posting updates a few times a week or more on your Facebook Page can make a big impact and lead to success in other areas. Actively posting and engaging your fans leads to more people talking about you, leads to more new fans, leads to more people at your show, leads to more cash in your pocket, leads to a sustainable career as a musician.
More info to takeaway:
  • The Music category is extremely popular on Facebook, and the amount of people following musicians is massive! Of the top 1000 pages on the platform, the most common type of Page are those of musicians and bands. Over 2 billion Likes are spread across the Top 250 most popular artists we tracked
  • More and more artists are using Facebook to engage with fans like never before, especially when on tour. We found that, of the artists we tracked that are currently on tour, 78% use Facebook as one of their main platforms to share that content with their fans.
  • Most of the top artists on Facebook are posting new content and messages for their fans at least once a week. In fact, 88% of the top 250 Artists are posting at least once a week on their Page. This is important, as the more that your fans Comment, Like and Share your posts, the higher your Facebook “EdgeRank”, meaning the more often Facebook’s system will display your page’s content in News Feeds.
  • Most artists use Facebook to share music and tour dates with their fans. 89% of Artists are using some sort of Music App like BandPage to share their tracks and tour dates.
We believe in helping every musician be successful, and today Social Media can be a very effective part of that. We hope that you can use some of this information to grow your career using Facebook.
Comment below with your feedback on the infographic, as we’ll be making more in the future. Also, let us know if there are any nifty infographics or subjects that you’d like to learn more about next!