Sunday, January 22, 2012

1975 Suzuki GT550 Indy Custom Cafe

Recent find on ebay for a new street fighter, built by the folks over at

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Recent winner of the "Best in show" and "Trick Bits" awards at Fighter Fest 2011 Carlisle PA. Started life as a 1975 Suzuki GT550. Created to combine the old and the new, with updated suspension the bike handles like a modern sportbike with all the charm of a vintage two-stroke motorcycle. Modifications include custom subframe and tail section. Modified Kawasaki H1 expansion chambers. Elk skin leather seat and fiberglass seat pan. Custom Honda headlight. Kawasaki 636 rear suspension and Suzuki GSXR front forks. Bike completed entirely, including the paint and graphics, here at MotoHangar. Recently featured in Streetfighter Magazine,, and various international and local blogs. Soon to be in Option Moto Magazine (France). 

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SPEC: MAKE: Suzuki 
YEAR: 1975 
2 COLOR: Storm Grey Metallic 

Things to know before purchasing: This bike has been ridden since completion in July 2011. The carburetors have been rebuilt and the bowl gaskets, needles and seats for each carb have been replaced, though if the fuel is not shut off then there is a bit of seepage. Along with this, an inline shut off valve has been installed as the original petcock was vacuum operated and wasn't very reliable. Bike is very clean though there have been a few small nicks in the paint. One chip mark below the key on the frame about the size of a nickel, and a couple very small spots, almost unnoticeable on the tank. Electric start has been removed to save weight, but bike starts on first kick every time. Bike is very quick, handles and stops very well. Please feel free to ask any and all questions before bidding and contact the seller if you would like to speak over the phone. Bike was hand built, painted and completed at a Virginia based custom motorcyle shop. There are 5451 miles on the title, but everything has been restored or rebuilt and only ridden a handul of miles since completion.

"Honduki" by Moto Hangar
"Honduki" by Moto Hangar, custom hybrid Street Fighter and Cafe Racer
"Honduki" by Moto Hangar
"Honduki" by Moto Hangar