Thursday, August 13, 2015

Help Support "The Quiet" A New Horror Film Being Shot In Louisville, Kentucky

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"Hi! My name is Mike Thompson and I am the writer/director of The Quiet, my first feature-length horror film. For years, I've shot, concepted and edited videos for record labels such as Rusty Knuckles and corporations such as Crosley Radio, and I'm ready to make the jump to a feature film. 
The plan is to make an amazing haunted house thriller that serves as an homage to the classics such as The Changeling, Poltergeist, The Innocents, The Shining (Book & Movie), Legend of Hell House, etc.  
With an already amazingly supportive cast & crew, as well as a great script and amazing location, this film is ready to shoot, but we just need a little push.
The Film
A young couple, Maggie and Josh Kelly, move back to their hometown to recover from the loss of their son, Thomas. Maggie's consistent nightmares cause her to seek out help from a psychic to see if her dreams mean anything. After strange disturbances begin in the house, Maggie begins to connect the dots between her dreams, the house and the evil that lies within.