Thursday, August 20, 2015

Epiphone - On The Road With Whiskeydick

Epiphone - On The Road With Whiskeydick

It is great to see that Whiskeydick is getting the attention they deserve. For a good while they have had an artist endorsement with Epiphone Guitars, but after they crashed the party on the Alternative Country Charts, debuting at number one, a few corporate gear sponsors are really starting to take notice and feature the band prominently. Huge thanks to Epiphone Guitars for the feature post.

Link to the article on Epiphone

"Congrats to Whiskeydick, the new Bastard Sons of Texas, and serious Epiphone Masterbilt fans, whose latest album, Bastard Sons of Texas, held onto the #1 album position in iTunes' Alternative Countrychart for 2 weeks.  That's a lifetime in this fast-spinning music world.  The album came out in July and the dynamic acoustic duo have been hard driving every since.  But calling them an acoustic duo by no means does them justice. Listen and be amazed.

The lads are touring the midwest this week before heading to Europe.  Look for our interview next week when Whiskeydick can announce some very cool news. Until then, check them out and tell' em Rev. Johnson sent ya!"