Thursday, August 6, 2015

West Virginia Motorcycle Run With The Southern Brothers

Quick stop in to Cum Park Plaza
Sometimes in life you get lucky to meet a group of folks that will turn into friends that you know you will have for the rest of your life. Only bad part about this though, is that most of us live quite a ways apart and only get to see one another on a few bike runs per year. On these runs, conversations start up and then get added to, lengthened and then christened with new elements every four to five months, when we all get the chance to meet up again. 

I can vouch for every single person on the run or that rides within our group from a personality level, riding skill and as a standup individual. If you can't make the cut on any of the these three elements, well then we sure as hell won't ask ya to join us on a run. These gatherings are meant to disappear into the wild for a couple of days and to be able to go drink from the well and come out whole again on the other side. These runs have helped us to achieve an absolute brotherhood and cannot wait for the next gathering in September. Damn proud to be one of the crew.

Florida Jimmy is flanked by the Ohio Posse

Small towns in West Virginia are great for traveling through as everyone has a story

"My name is Biscuit and I am from Detroit. I like long walks on the beach, random shit talking, making people feel uncomfortable and riding motorcycles, call me anytime."

Motorcycling is not a crime

We don't just drink beer, we drink loads of beer, moonshine and plenty of whiskey

Brad's beautiful jade green Shovelhead

Butterfly's seemed to love hangin' with Florida Jimmy 
"Mount up and let's roll, but to where. Shit we need more beer first."

Cooter's Camping in Fayetteville, WV. Damn great spot and highly recommend it as they are great folks.

Shakey's Panhead and Chris's Shovelhead Choppers

Good portion of the ridin' crew in the Southern Brothers and missing quite a few folks who couldn't make it

Death Panther, Shakey Mike and Florida Jimmy

Biscuit trying to find a local bike shop for a part on Shakey Mike's Panhead 
Wes, Seve, Corey and Death Panther eyeing up some action

Brad pulled in 698.3 miles round trip on this run

Tyke aka Death Panther had some bolts back on his rear sprocket, doh! 
Hangin' out in the New River under that famous arch span that is the largest in the western hemisphere 
The Ohio fellas and their Shovelheads rollin' through West Virginia