Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creating Manual Camera Functions Overtly Done From A Steampunk Point Of View

Not just your average camera created within a steampunk state of mind

Found this steampunk style camera on a Russian language site and here is the translation:

"As planned in the flash unit is operated by means of two valves located on it. Chemicals are served in a glass flask in any reaction occurs and the photographer gets a bright light. The light can be extinguished by closing both valves. In fact it is a source of constant light with relatively small resources.

The machine has a removable holder for filters or lenses for macro photography. On top of the viewfinder are two: the main-center and an additional through which you can view on the subject matter through the filter. If you turn the filter holder on the axis, he stands just opposite the additional view finder.

A shutter actuator trigger-lever opposite side from the flash. Film device, the travel of the film from right to left.

In no case did not want to repeat this 3D Model:, but the idea to make the unit more textured, led me to the same decision: box-unit, plus a cylinder-flash reflector. Just a box with the lens seemed to me deflating). The result was what happened."

What is really cool about this camera is the pure attention to working and functional details such as the view finder and chemical bath that creates a working reflective light. Seeing ideas come to life such as this camera make me want to just walk in the shop and start to create anything and everything out of brass and copper.

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Check it out the camera on the Russian site

Left side of steampunk camera 
Steampunk camera with manual macro lenses

Steampunk camera before all copper and brass finish pieces were added 
Front of steampunk camera with view finder