Thursday, August 27, 2015

Whiskeydick Scores A Feature Review In Belgium For Their Latest Album, The Bastard Sons Of Texas

Whiskeydick Scores A Feature Review In Belgium For Their Latest Album, The Bastard Sons Of Texas
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"While Fritz 'n Johnson after a stopover in Iceland continued their flight continued to the Netherlands to be there on August 28 European release of their latest album' To The Bastard Sons of Texas' quarters Baroeg in Amsterdam, we high time to find our focus as shifting to Whiskey Dick, their new album and accompanying tour on the old continent.

At least 18 days peaked 'The Bastard Sons of Texas at number one on the iTunes Alternative Country Charts. Rightly so, because it 6'de studio album of this Texan bastard sons proposes at no time disappointed. Who ever saw the band live knows that the guys from Whiskey Dick quite a few have in the fingers and with their semi-acoustic guitars get the whole club moving. Typically, however, because as they say themselves, 'by the time we play our last issue is either the merch sold or the club empty. At humor lacking Fritz not to the country and hillbilly tracks to talk to each other during a live show, what the atmosphere extra benefits. Whiskey Dick is close to the people and warned chat with the fans do not. In short, Reverend Johnson and Fritz have become welcome guests in European clubs. However, the band did over there eight years before they played their first show in Europe. That this tour two years ago now, has been well received, we are absolutely not angry about. After every show we are already looking forward to the next, because the degree of addiction Whiskey Dick is very high. You have been warned.

'The Bastard Sons of Texas' lists 13 tracks on the cover, but it contains 14 which, as we are used from Whiskey Dick, compromise between drunken talk and sentiment. We immediately notice that the balance is restored between the two extremes, after the previous album 'From The Devil's Boots' still had a somewhat more melancholic undertone. On the new album is so uninhibited partying again, and we try to no longer count how many times words like "drunk, stoned, fuck, whiskey, devil, truck and Texas are reviewed. In terms of themes on this record will obviously nothing new, but why should that too. The formula has been working for ten years and they will not get bored, on the contrary. Always revolves around the circle: from liefdesverdiet to drink and drugs on Fuck The World, to then return to land with your feet on the ground and draw the lessons of life.

The opening track 'Whoops I Was Drunk "is a very playful song with an equally playful animation attached to it, both representative of the carpe diem content of Whiskey Dick. A lot of pranks, as in the title track 'The Bastard Sons of Texas', 'Fast Life' or 'Goddamn I Need Some Whiskey', with this last number with matching whiskey voice is played. In between the moral of the story Restless, Heart Broke And Stoned 'broken heart' Memories Of You 'and the amorous soul in' One More Day '. Leaves us with a few tall stories about 'Edna and Earl' and 'Crazy Uncle Blue' to naturally conclude that the gentlemen 'Truck Drivin' Blood '. The property is easily listenable tunes and your willy nilly cheerful. 'The Bastard Sons Of Texas "is actually the ideal location for anyone who stepped on the wrong side of the bed and then finds that the coffee is on. Whiskey Dick saves.

The European tour starts as I said on 28 September in Amsterdam and ends on October 24 in the cosiest pub in Deinze. In between there are numerous shows in smaller and larger clubs, at home and in neighboring countries. Options enough as the tour calendar shows, and so no one has a valid excuse for Whiskey Dick miss this time. Put that checkered shirt already finished and get those cowboy boots out of the closet. See you there!"