Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pro Skater Brian Lotti Talks About His Series Of Paintings On Echo Park In Los Angeles

Pro Skater Brian Lotti Talks About His Series Of Paintings About Echo Park In Los Angeles
Capturing a unique approach is always tough to realize and especially when you are living through the moment that you are trying to capture. This could be said for any unique discipline where you are working within your craft and living exactly in the moment. It could be that rhythmic bar chord that is creating a bombastic tone or in the case of Brian Lotti, lining up one trick after the next in a great skate session that ultimately culminates in looking at every landscape around you in a unique way.

Read the full write up from Newness

"It is no surprise that American artist Brian Lotti’s work takes in inner-city neighborhoods, alleyways, vistas and purposefully-striding figures – the elements inherent to the urban landscape with which his years as a professional street skateboarder made him so intimately familiar.

After a successful career in the sport (he is credited as being one of the originators of technical street skating), the Okinawa-born Lotti studied art at San Francisco State University, after which he returned to Southern California.

Directed by renowned skate director Jacob Rosenberg – responsible for the pioneering Plan B films Questionable and Virtual Reality, and whom Lotti first met 27 years ago at a skateboard camp in Santa Clara – today’s profile follows the painter as he prepares for his first solo exhibition at HVW8, a collection of oils, color studies and monotypes that captures his home base in Los Angeles’s Echo Park with bold impressionistic strokes and vivid colors that bring to mind Cezanne’s Proven├žal landscapes."

“Brian Lotti: Echo Park” by Jacob Rosenberg from NOWNESS on Vimeo.