Sunday, October 25, 2009

Geargoyles Show - Inman, South Carolina

Woke up at 4:30 am and it was raining buckets, but luckily I had packed all the gear the night before to head out for the show. All the way to South Carolina line it was raining its ass off. Just outside of Charlotte it was just about impossible to see and then I drove right into the middle of an accident on 85 with a dude still upside down in his vehicle with is arm out, sketchy for sure. Just across the state line, the skies cleared up and made for a bitchin' day just outside of Spartanburg for the Geargoyles Car Club fall show. For as many cars and trucks that were there, it was matched in bikes as well. Lots of folks were eagerly interested in my Honda cafe-chop build and was psyched to walk them through what I did. Thanks again for all those who put on the show and extra special thanks to the folks who walked away with some high quality Rusty Knuckles merch, we appreciate it!