Tuesday, October 20, 2009

True Grit

A topic that interests me to no end is human expression. Yeah, a huge topic but its the way each individual represents themselves which then defines them as characters in the game of life. This could be building ground up custom choppers, painting a canvas, writing a story, playing music or just letting people on the street know you have a voice. I will never forget seeing "Bush Stinks" written all over the alley ways and random walls around San Francisco. It truly echoed the time a few years back and just made me laugh every time I saw the chicken scratch writing. So one day after leaving the local coffee shop, what do I see happening right in front of me, a middle aged woman with a sharpie scrawling "Bush Stinks" on some advertising space. Damn, personally I tend to think most graffiti oriented material comes from younger individuals, but once again life smacked me right in the face. This is the same as it did when I was in Greece and a few Americans were complaining about the scrawled names on rocks at monuments and an old Greek man told them that everyone simply wants to leave their mark. Expression comes in many forms but when you see it done anonymously and poetic, it can speak volumes. Check out this site for a few rather well placed words:
Random Vandal