Friday, October 23, 2009

In Chicago For The Day

Got a great random call about flying out to Chicago for the day to help a friend out with a photo shoot and video production. In essence they needed a well qualified person in the "arts" that could act, so whaddya know, a plane ticket confirmation arrives by email and off I go within a few hours. It was a campaign for a good sized marketing agency that focuses in the financial sector. So being the ever so nimble and fly by seat of my pants individual, I was able to take their direction and act as a banker painting a huge blank canvas to create a positive change in the mental work flow. Sounds highfalutin' but it was damn fun and then I got to do another photo shoot with a great photographer by the name of Robert Randall. After the video production I decided to walk around a bit and grab some shots of randomness and all that is Chicago. Check out the work of photographer extraordinaire Bob Randall, quite an amazing guy and killer stories. Also a big thanks to my pal Mark Okolita for hooking this all up, thanks again hombre! And a shout out to video guru Jim and studio gal Nicki!

Robert Randall - Photographer