Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lost & Found: The Road To Mt. St. Helens

Witnessing a volcano spewing a geyser of smoke into the air while you are watching from a few miles away is a surreal feeling. I had that rare opportunity a few summers ago. I decided to embark on a nine day, three thousand mile solo run up through California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. It was one of those trips that is a chapter in the book of life. Whether it was freezing my ass off in the snow at the top of Crater Lake or witnessing Mt. St. Helens spew her gases I was simply humbled by our beautiful country and the wondrous landscapes available for anyone to view. From all the folks I met along the road to staying a couple of days in Lewiston, Idaho and learning about Lewis and Clark, that was a trip of a lifetime. Only sketchy part about the whole trip was after being at viewing area for the volcano, my stator took a dive on the bike. So yeah, being stranded in a state park, full of bears at dusk wasn't too pleasant, but hey, neither is thinking about cool things to do and not doing them. Go make life happen!